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What parts should be paid special attention to in the acceptance of hydraulic boarding axle?

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If we do it Hydraulic boarding axle If you use it immediately after installation, there will be many hidden dangers, but what important problems need to be solved after the installation? This problem is what we all want to know. Let's take a look at some points that can't be ignored.

Hydraulic( hydraulic )Lift machine equipment (composition: drive assembly, variable speed assembly, etc.) device enable face retraction detection (reflection and test) delineation one Before equipment commissioning acceptance, the project department must follow the style( bi ā nzh Design, construction, construction, etc( position )And safety, the impact of the situation on compliance.

two The acceptance scale of equipment commissioning is as follows:

one )Medium lift equipment: all kinds of concrete( Concrete )Stirring( tostir )Machine, derrick, etc. Barrier free elevator is specially designed and manufactured for the disabled. In order to facilitate the disabled to travel and travel, in communities, hospitals, schools, hotels, public places and other places.

two )Large landing platform equipment: 40kN-m Above tower cranes (including 40kN"m ), people and goods elevator, transport pump, etc. The barrier free landing platform covers the income and expenditure of wheelchair vehicles, and the disabled or those who have not done so need only press the emergency button at both ends.

three The acceptance of small and medium-sized landing equipment shall be joined by relevant technical staff, aircraft management personnel, safety personnel, equipment installation staff and operators organized by the project department. The acceptance form shall be implemented according to the equipment commissioning acceptance form, and records shall be made. The equipment can be used before passing the acceptance. The barrier free elevator can accommodate the income and expenditure of wheelchair. The disabled or the person who has not done anything just needs to press the emergency button at both ends, and the staff on duty will immediately start the active lift.

four The equipment department of the company shall join in the commissioning acceptance of large-scale equipment together with the technicians, machine managers, safety officers, equipment and equipment staff and operators of the project department, and implement according to the acceptance table of large-scale equipment of the company( minute )Record. The barrier free elevator is installed beside the active escalator of the travel elevator passage. Additional speed of domestic elevator shall not exceed 0.4m/s For domestic elevators without doors, the additional rate shall not exceed 0.3m/s, Lift car travel platform 300.jpg No more than 12m The additional load is not more than 400KG

five Equipment designated by municipal government documents to be inspected and accepted by municipal inspection (reflection and test) station must be reported( todeclare )Arrange time for acceptance, and file acceptance documents after acceptance.

In a word, these are the key contents that should be paid attention to in the acceptance process after the installation of hydraulic boarding axle. I hope you can pay special attention to these contents in the future.