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Is it necessary to deal with the long-term idle hydraulic boarding bridge?

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If you leave the hydraulic boarding bridge idle, you must pay attention to the correct storage method, because if you can't keep it in the correct way, it will have a great impact on its performance, which may lead to Hydraulic boarding axle Therefore, we do not want to ignore the situation of energy efficiency in the process of operation.

Hydraulic boarding bridge is usually used to repair and maintain electrical circuit, install road monitoring signal lights and workshop driving. Due to the uncertainty of this kind of work, the mobile elevator is not used very frequently and is idle most of the time. How can we place the mobile elevator when it is not used for a long time? For the safety of the user's life and property, the following matters should be paid attention to:

How to store the mobile elevator when it is not in use should pay attention to the following points:

(1) The four supporting legs of the hydraulic lift should be opened to avoid tire deformation.

(2) Hydraulic oil is the medium for the elevator to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is necessary to observe whether the hydraulic oil is deteriorated, evaporated and precipitated, and replace the hydraulic oil in time.

(3) First of all, the mobile elevator should be placed in a cool place to avoid the wind and sun and accelerate the aging of wires and oil lines. To prevent moisture and rain, to avoid surface corrosion and electrical leakage.

(4) The mobile elevator should be lifted and used once a month to keep the electrical system in good condition.

(5) Regular maintenance and lubricating oil should be added to avoid blocking and heating of rotating parts and accelerated wear.

(6) Keep the mobile elevator in the state of rolling and cover with dust cover to prevent dust from entering the hydraulic system.

If you want to idle the hydraulic boarding bridge for a long time, then the above problems can not be ignored. I hope you can strictly abide by the requirements.