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How to deal with the power failure during the operation of hydraulic boarding bridge?

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The sudden power failure of hydraulic boarding bridge in the process of operation is a bad sign. At this time, we must take timely measures to solve it. If we can not solve this problem well, it will have a great impact on many work after. So what should be done Hydraulic boarding axle What about power failure during operation?

Hydraulic boarding bridge is an indispensable part of modern aerial work. Hydraulic boarding bridge in the operation, may encounter a variety of factors, resulting in unable to work, this time we have to have a full understanding of the hydraulic boarding bridge, in order to deal with it in a timely manner. If there is a sudden power failure during high-altitude operation, or an accident occurs, and the hydraulic boarding bridge and the operators stop in the middle of the air together, what to do?

When abnormal conditions are found in the operation of hydraulic boarding bridge, stop the machine immediately and take effective measures to lower the platform. The operation can be continued after the fault is removed. In case of electrical out of control during operation, the emergency stop button shall be pressed immediately; it is not allowed to open the emergency stop button before troubleshooting.

When the hydraulic boarding bridge stops midway due to power failure or other reasons during operation, it can be manually lowered. There is an emergency lowering valve on one side of the hydraulic boarding bridge pump station. Press and hold the descending device to slowly descend. Open the unloading valve on the hydraulic valve block of the motor to make the table slide down slowly. The sliding speed of the table should not exceed the rated running speed. The manual lowering must be operated by professional maintenance personnel.

I believe that after reading this article, you will know how to deal with the power failure of the hydraulic boarding bridge. I hope you can follow the requirements.