How to use the hydraulic cylinder in the fixed axle


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What is the effect of the hydraulic cylinder in the fixed axle

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I don't know if you have paid attention to some important parts of the fixed boarding axle before? For example, hydraulic cylinder plays a very important role in its overall application. If you are interested in it, you can Hydraulic cylinder Use the effect of in-depth understanding, the following is the specific content of the introduction.

The hydraulic cylinder is one of the important components in the modern fixed axle and other equipment. Its typical structure is composed of piston rod, piston, cylinder block, front cylinder head and rear cylinder head. The structure of cylinder barrel and cylinder head is related to the materials used.

The piston rod and piston are connected by thread. The piston and the inner wall of the cylinder block are sealed by slip ring combined seal ring, and the guide ring (made of high-strength plastic or fiber composite material) is used for centering and guiding. There are many structural forms of piston and piston rod, such as integral connection, taper pin connection, thread connection and half ring connection.

The cylinder block is usually made of seamless steel pipe, forged steel (extra large inner diameter), cast steel (centrifugal casting) or cast iron (working pressure less than 10mpa )Made of materials such as. For the piston and piston rod, it is usually made of wear-resistant cast iron or steel, and the piston rod is commonly used thirty-five Steel forty-five Steel or seamless steel tubes are made into solid or hollow rods.

The seals between cylinder block and cylinder head, piston and piston rod are all fixed seals (except welding) O O-ring. The seal between cylinder head and piston rod, piston and cylinder block is sliding seal, which is commonly used O Shape, Y Shape V And slip ring combined seal. In order to clean the dust adhered to the exposed part of the piston rod of the hydraulic press and avoid the pollution of the oil in the cylinder, the cylinder head should also be equipped with a dust-proof device.

Maintenance of hydraulic cylinder: the hydraulic oil also has a certain service life. If the oil is not changed for a long time, it will damage or erode the internal part of the hydraulic cylinder. Secondly, the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder is more and more important, so the hydraulic system needs more and more maintenance.

First of all, we have to open the box to change the oil, because it is inevitable that foreign matters will enter the hydraulic cylinder under long-term use. If the oil is not replaced in time, friction will increase during the use. Then, we should prevent the hydraulic cylinder from rusting, because the piston of the hydraulic cylinder will stretch out of the oil cylinder when it is working, so it will be eroded by oxides and acid gases When we need to coat it with appropriate amount of grease to protect it, so as to avoid possible breakage in the work.

The above content is about the use of the hydraulic cylinder in the fixed axle. I believe you have understood it after reading it.