Existence and future development of mobile boarding bridge industry


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The existence and future development of mobile boarding bridge industry

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As the mobile boarding bridge users, the most concerned problem should be the development of the industry and the existing problems, because it is related to the specific situation of the mobile boarding bridge that you use later. If you are also interested in the content of this article, you can read the following introduction carefully, and then it will be clear.

Mobile boarding bridge The development in China has surpassed thirty Over the years, it has also been widely used in various fields of the national economy. The types of mobile boarding bridges have been subdivided for many times. Its structural mode and functional structure are constantly improved with the needs of customers. In the process of platform development, we analyze the existing problems and future development direction of the elevator industry.

The main problems existing in the mobile boarding bridge industry in recent years are as follows:

one More small business workshops

Some small companies and small workshop enterprises have risen one after another. These small enterprises have low output, poor quality and low price, which seriously impact and affect the normal market sales.

two The matching level of basic parts is poor

There are few professional manufacturers of basic accessories for lifting platform, and the specifications and varieties are few. The performance and reliability of some electrical components, hydraulic components and power components are not high enough, so they need to be imported, which also affects the development of domestic products.

three Some enterprises with poor technological innovation ability

Some enterprises do not have the ability of professional designers to develop new products. The products have been manufactured for several decades, the varieties and specifications are single, and the market business scope is narrow. As a result, the output of enterprises' products has decreased year by year, and the benefits of enterprises are poor.

With the continuous improvement of the technology of mobile boarding bridge manufacturers and the particularity of customers' demand for elevators, the types and performance of mobile boarding bridges have been greatly developed, which not only concerns the safety of operators, but also the durability and high cost performance of elevators. Customers hope to spend the least money to get the best and most appropriate products According to the development of aerial working machinery at home and abroad, the following problems should be solved for the product in China

one The update of the use and function of the product

Most domestic manufacturers of mobile boarding bridge concentrate their customers in stations, subways, shops, factories, power supply, street lamps and other departments, but their market is far from being explored and cultivated. The reason is that the variety of the product is single, and the use and function of the product need to be updated. For example, the use of aerial working machinery in building construction to replace some scaffold construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance of building exterior wall surface; insulation stringing and maintenance; fire rescue and maintenance of large objects (ships, aircraft) and so on. However, the development of these products requires a great breakthrough in the adaptability and technology of the products.

two Update of operation and use of products

In the past, most of the lifting platform products for aerial work were hand-propelled in China, with large volume and heavy weight. It is very difficult to change the working site, which brings inconvenience to users. This point has been updated in the products of foreign advanced countries. Therefore, the development of portable aluminum alloy platform and self-propelled platform has a broad prospect, which is proved by the sales volume of aluminum alloy platform developed in China in recent years. With the development of urban construction, it is urgent to increase the technical innovation of the industry, develop advanced aerial working machinery and improve the market competitiveness of products.

Mobile boarding bridge plays an important role in the national economy and its long-term existence. This industry is also a very promising industry. As a special lifting platform manufacturer, Jinan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. also provides mobile mobile boarding bridge, fully automatic lifting working platform, mobile landing bridge tilting and customized products according to customer requirements.

The above is a detailed analysis of the problems and development direction of the mobile boarding bridge industry. I hope you can share it with more people after watching it.