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Attention should be paid to these aspects in the process of installing mobile boarding axle

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If you do not know which aspects are particularly important during the installation of the mobile boarding bridge, we suggest that you do not be impulsive. It is better to pay attention to some key parts at this time. So in the process of installation, which problems should be paid more attention to? The following article is a specific introduction:

Mobile boarding bridge In the aspect of installation, there are different specific requirements for different parts. Therefore, the learning and understanding of mobile boarding bridge installation should be treated differently according to different parts or parts, instead of all mixed together. This is not conducive to the mastery of knowledge, but also affects the learning effect.

As for the installation of mobile boarding bridge, let's first understand several aspects of it, specifically as follows:

1. Electrical

(1) Whether the composite resistance should be measured within the normal range. If abnormal is detected, measures should be taken to solve the problem without delay.

(2) For the control switch, it is mainly to see whether it can work normally and whether it can play its due protective role.

(3) For the motor, it is to see whether its installation is correct and in place. And whether the rotation direction is consistent with the marked direction.

2. Guide rail

The installation of guide rail is also the key point in the installation of mobile boarding bridge. For it, its emphasis is on:

Before installation, the guide rail should be lubricated mainly by applying proper amount of grease so that it has a good lubrication state. For the perpendicularity of guide rail, there is allowable deviation. Generally, it is specified to be within 90mm. Wall brackets can be installed if necessary.

3. Move the wall frame of the boarding bridge

For the wall frame of mobile boarding bridge, its installation requirements are not much, because of its simple installation. Specifically speaking, the installation requirements are as follows: for the first installation, the distance between it and the bottom surface should be 4.5-6m. After that, it was 9m. For its horizontal inclination angle, it should be within 10 degrees.

Mobile boarding bridge installation, through the specific elaboration of these three aspects, I believe that you can have a certain understanding, so as to apply what you have learned, so as to help this work in practice, make it smooth and correct, and avoid mistakes, so as to improve work efficiency and benefit users.

These aspects are the key contents that must not be ignored in the process of installing the mobile boarding bridge. It is suggested that we should not neglect them in the process of using them later.