Requirements for selecting electrical equipment for boarding bridge


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Requirements for selecting electrical equipment for the bridge

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When you use the bridge, you can find that its electrical equipment is very important and can not be ignored. If you do not pay attention to it, it may not be able to ensure its normal operation. But you're using it The boarding bridge Before that, we should make clear the specific requirements in advance, so as to avoid some unexpected situations.

Machinery has also customized explosion-proof equipment for many special industries. Many factories have different explosion-proof grades for equipment, so the requirements are not the same. Boarding bridge for electrical equipment has this special requirements, the following Jinan machinery small series will give you an introduction , explosion-proof mobile hydraulic lifting platform equipment requirements.

The electrical equipment for explosion-proof mobile hydraulic lifting platform shall be as follows:

one Explosion proof movable hydraulic lifting platform control panel must be explosion-proof distribution board. The explosion-proof grade of the switchboard must meet the requirements of the site. The magnetic starter in the control panel should be separated from the power supply. After the box cover and shell are installed, check and adjust the gap of the flameproof surface should not be greater than 0.2mm Check and adjust all components in the starter housing before starting.

two Explosion proof motor must be selected for explosion-proof mobile hydraulic lifting platform. The insulation resistance between the stator winding and the frame of the explosion-proof motor shall not be less than 0.38M, Otherwise, it must be dried. When drying, incandescent lamp can be used for baking, and the temperature shall not exceed one hundred and thirty-five centigrade. When the short circuit current method is used for drying, the input current is 0.6-0.8 Times the rated current. The wiring of explosion-proof motor must be firm without burr. After wiring, the cable threading hole of the motor junction box must be sealed with sealing fireproof material, and the cable should not shake and twitch.

three Explosion proof mobile hydraulic lifting platform must adopt explosion-proof button box and explosion-proof button. The wiring in the button box shall be in accordance with the specification, and there shall be no burr, and the box shall be kept dry and clean. The cable hole shall be sealed with fireproof sealant.

four The exposed control line part of explosion-proof mobile hydraulic lifting platform shall be equipped with explosion-proof metal hose according to the regulations.

five Explosion proof mobile hydraulic lifting platform must be equipped with explosion-proof travel switch, and the wiring should meet the specifications. six Explosion proof and explosion-proof mobile platform wiring shall comply with relevant specifications.

The explosion-proof four wheel mobile hydraulic lifting platform produced by machinery is suitable for places with explosion risk. Its electrical equipment should not only meet the relevant provisions of general mobile hydraulic lifting platform, but also comply with the relevant provisions of explosion-proof equipment, so as to ensure the safe operation of the four-wheel mobile hydraulic lifting platform.

I believe that after reading this article, you can be very clear how to choose electrical equipment for the bridge.