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How to maintain the mobile boarding bridge is the most effective?

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People who don't know are using it Mobile boarding bridge Have you paid attention to the maintenance of it? Because its maintenance is very important, if it can not be regularly and effectively maintained, it will have a lot of impact on the use of the future, so we suggest that we should regularly carry out effective maintenance of the mobile boarding bridge.

About the mobile boarding bridge, the following will be elaborated in detail, is its mechanical equipment maintenance in some details, because this is also an important knowledge point, we must master, if you want to fully understand this kind of elevator, and through these, you can also increase your knowledge in this respect, so, why not do it!

Specifically speaking, the maintenance details of the mechanical equipment of the mobile boarding bridge are as follows:

one )The brake of the elevator should be checked frequently, the main thing is to see whether the clearance is appropriate, and some other aspects, so as to ensure the flexibility and reliability of its use. In addition, in the brake friction surface, to check whether there is dirt, if any, should be removed in time.

two )The lubrication part of the mobile boarding axle should be lubricated according to the specified requirements. Moreover, there should be comprehensive and sufficient lubrication without omission. However, the amount of lubricating oil, should not be too much, because too much will cause problems.

three )The steel wire rope in the elevator should be often checked for loose strand and broken wire, because its use is relatively frequent, and it is also an important part. Therefore, in the inspection, there should be no carelessness, so as not to affect the normal use of the elevator.

four )For the connection part of the mobile boarding bridge, it should be carefully checked to see if there is any looseness. For example, the connecting bolts should be tightened in time if any. In addition, for all connecting minor shafts, there should be split pins, and they should be fully opened.

five )Each mechanism in the elevator, check whether its operation is normal, whether there is noise and other fault problems, if any, should be solved in time. If the cable is damaged, the cable should be replaced or replaced in time.

The above content mainly shared the importance analysis of the regular maintenance of the mobile boarding bridge. I hope you can pay attention to it and don't neglect it.