Fluid noise of elevator hydraulic system


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Fluid noise of elevator hydraulic system

2016/11/30 20:42:47

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Detailed introduction
The reason of fluid noise is that when the oil of lifting platform suddenly changes the flow velocity or pressure, the cavitation will be produced and the noise will be produced. The hydraulic pump is one of the accessories which produce serious noise in the elevator hydraulic system. The hydraulic pump will periodically change the flow and pressure of the liquid, resulting in a lot of fluid noise. In addition, the pressure impact produced by the hydraulic pump and the backflow generated by the plunger pump operation will also produce a lot of vibration, resulting in noise generation. Moreover, when the hydraulic elevator manufacturer is running, due to the high impedance generated by the oil suction pipe, when the pressure at the inlet of the hydraulic pump is too high When the force is lower than the air separation pressure, the dissolved air contained in the oil will be separated out, so a lot of bubbles will be generated. Due to the high pressure, a large number of bubbles will be crushed instantly, resulting in cavitation noise. In addition, if the oil volume in the oil tank is too low or there is air leakage in the wall pipe or joint of the oil suction pipe, the phenomenon of suction will also produce noise.
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