Treatment of sudden failure of elevator brake


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Treatment of sudden failure of elevator brake

2016/11/30 20:42:15

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Detailed introduction
The causes of brake failure are as follows: 1. The brake is seriously worn or damaged; 2. The long stroke electromagnet is stuck or the connecting rod between the armature and the horizontal bar falls off; 3. The main parts of the brake are damaged or the main spring fails; 4. The hydraulic push rod or the hydraulic electromagnetic push rod does not act; 5. The electrical fault occurs

If the brake of the lifting platform suddenly fails, the reason for the failure should be judged first: if the brake failure is caused by the damage of the hydraulic lifting platform, the vehicle shall be started in the opposite direction; if it is still invalid, the warning signal shall be issued immediately; if the heavy object is close to the ground and there is no danger of falling down, the heavy object can be put down; if the original landing is not allowed, the brake blade shall be opened quickly, The brake electromagnet is cut off and the brake is held.
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