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How to prolong the service life of lifting platform?

2016/11/30 20:43:20

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Detailed introduction
Most of the time, when the major factories buy the lifting platform from the lifting platform manufacturer, they often do not carry out maintenance, only know to use it blindly, so that the working life of the lifting platform is constantly shortened, and finally it can not achieve its mission. So what can be done to prolong its service life? Let's give you a detailed introduction, hoping to help you:
1. After the oil circuit is checked, it is necessary to check the surrounding conditions, check the screws or connectors, and then check whether the screws or connection positions are loose; the lifting platform manufacturer reminds us that we also need to see whether there is oil leakage or oil leakage, and solve it in time, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.
2. For any equipment purchased, there is a certain running in period. Through the lifting platform manufacturer, we know that the running in period should be within 60 or 70 hours for the lifting equipment, and the specific operation frequency and working load should be considered. These should be paid attention to during the running in period, so as to ensure that the lifting equipment has A good use and maintenance.
3. After the running in period is exceeded, the elevator manufacturer tells you that it is necessary to carry out the first maintenance. In this maintenance process, it is necessary to check the oil circuit to see if there is hydraulic oil in the oil tank. If there is enough, it is necessary to add some more.
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