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Mobile hydraulic boarding axle

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Product introduction
Mobile hydraulic boarding bridge is an auxiliary equipment for loading and unloading goods with forklift. The height can be adjusted according to the height of the car compartment. The forklift can directly drive into the carriage through the equipment for bulk loading and unloading of goods. Only one person is required to operate, and the rapid loading and unloading of goods can be realized. It makes enterprises reduce a lot of labor, improve work efficiency and obtain greater economic benefits.
Product features
·The table is made of special diamond mesh plate, which has reliable strength and can ensure long-term use without deformation. Its rhombic network structure fully ensures excellent anti-skid performance, so that the forklift has better climbing and maneuverability. Even in rainy and snowy weather, it can still be used normally.
·The cable chain with adjustable length can easily hook the freight car, so that the boarding bridge and the truck always closely fit.
·The manual hydraulic pump is used as the power, and the height adjustment of the boarding bridge can be easily realized without external power supply.
·The brake pad can effectively prevent the shifting of the loading bridge during loading and unloading.