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    Jinan type elevator and car lift, one of the professional lift, fixed lift platform, is one of the domestic elevator manufacturers. The company focuses on the development of hydraulic lifting platform, elevator research and development, excellent production equipment, advanced and reasonable technology, complete detection means, strong technical force; lifting platform, elevator products have eight series, more than 60 varieties, and mainly undertake the design and production of various non-standard products, complete specifications, quality assurance, the production of lifts, lifting platforms in line with National industry standard, widely used in construction industry indoor and outdoor decoration, workshops, stations, wharves, supermarkets, halls and other high-altitude operations and industrial production lines and between the floors of the goods; products sold to all parts of the country, by the majority of users praise.  
    High quality products are the foundation of enterprise development. The hydraulic elevator and lifting platform produced by our company start from every detail and strive to improve every product. As the access permit for Chinese enterprises to go to the world, reputation is the blood vessel and lifeblood of market economy. "Reputation" represents the market reputation of our company, and has been recognized by the majority of customers. It has been awarded "contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise" by the provincial and Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce for many times. "Quality first, reputation first; leading technology, integrity-based" is our eternal pursuit.
    As a machinery manufacturer focusing on hydraulic elevator, lifting platform and hydraulic cargo elevator, Lichuan machinery is committed to providing elevator products with excellent technology and excellent quality for the majority of factories and mining enterprises and individual consumers. In the country has dozens of agents and after-sales service units, established a huge sales system and perfect after-sales consulting service system. So far, it has been developed and improved to include Mobile scissor type elevator, scissor type hydraulic cargo elevator, hydraulic loading and unloading platform, lifting stage, fixed hydraulic boarding bridge, mobile boarding bridge, sleeve cylinder hydraulic elevator, aluminum alloy elevator, vehicle mounted hydraulic lifting platform, truck mounted folding arm hydraulic elevator, self-propelled hydraulic elevator and guide rail chain hydraulic lift with national excellent technical level and production process Platform. The company's products cover more than 20 categories and specifications of products in medical, health, factories and mines, education, scientific research, lifting and other major industries, which can fully meet the needs of different consumer groups for lifting operation, break the technical monopoly of foreign hydraulic elevator, and strive to win wide popularity and influence on the international stage.
    "An enterprise without innovation is an enterprise without soul; an enterprise without core technology is an enterprise without backbone, and a person without backbone will never stand up." Looking forward to the future, Lichuan machinery will adhere to the development idea of "self-development, independent innovation, own brand, only do high-quality products, and be the elevator with Chinese influence". With the goal of "creating an excellent lifting machinery enterprise and achieving the famous brand of Lichuan for a century", Lichuan machinery will contribute more to the "elevator created in China".  
    Welcome new and old friends from all walks of life!! We will return the society with high quality products and perfect after-sales service.  
    Excellent professional technology:
    Jinan Lichuan Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic lifting platform. After years of development and exploration of hydraulic lifting platform, it has accumulated rich professional technology and experience and created high-quality products.
    Excellent geographical location:

    The company is located in the hinterland of Jinan City, Shandong Province, which is known as "Spring City". It is located in the industrial park of Jibei Development Zone, a provincial Development Zone next to national highway 220, with Mount Tai in the South and the Yellow River in the north. Beijing Shanghai railway, Beijing Fuzhou Expressway, Beijing Shanghai Expressway, Qingyin Expressway and Jiqing Expressway run through the north and south, and are close to each other. Superior geographical location and convenient transportation have brought sufficient conditions for the development of the company

    Full range of products:

    Over the years, our company has always been committed to the research and development of hydraulic lifting platform, constantly improving and innovating the products of the enterprise. The existing products are: sjy aerial working platform, SJG fixed lifting cargo elevator, SJZ SJC vehicle mounted lifting platform, DCQ Dcqy hydraulic boarding bridge, telescopic cylinder type aerial work platform, curved arm type aerial work platform, aluminum alloy aerial work platform, etc., can also provide customers with efficient, safe and all-round cargo lifting scheme.

    High quality products:
    High quality products are the foundation of enterprise development. While strictly controlling the quality, each part of the product is selected from domestic excellent enterprises, and imported parts can also be used according to customer requirements. Only by constantly improving the quality of products, can we meet the requirements of customers, and the enterprise can develop.
    Good reputation:
    "Reputation" is the blood vessel and lifeblood of market economy as the access certificate for Chinese enterprises to go to the world. All along, "reputation" represents the market reputation of our company and has been recognized by the majority of customers.
    High quality after-sales service:
    High quality after-sales service comes from the enterprise. Our company always takes "quality-oriented, service first" as the enterprise tenet. No matter where our technical staff is satisfied with your order, we will send you our professional service in time!